Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Semester 2 dan Kunci Jawaban

36. ……….

  1. The aim of a political party is to elect official who will try to carry their interests.
  2. A large political party usually has millions of members and supporters.
  3. A political party is a group organized to support certain policies on questions of public interest.
  4. When people in a democracy disagree about what the government should do, each voter expresses his opinion by voting for the candidate that supports his side of the argument.
  5. The questions may range from issues of peace, war and taxes, to how people should earn a living.

The best order of the sentence above is….

  • A. 3-2-1-4-5
  • B. 2-1-3-4-5
  • C. 2-1-4-3-5
  • D. 2-1-3-5-4
  • E. 3-2-4-5-1

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Susunan yang paling tepat adalah 3-2-1-4-5.

37. …….

  1. Decided to apply for the job.
  2. I saw an interesting job advertised in the newspaper last week.
  3. Then, I went to the address in the advertisement.
  4. I telephoned the company to see if the job was still vacant.
  5. The next morning I put on my best set of clothes.
  6. They told me to come to the office the next day for an interview.
  7. After asking me a lot of questions, the manager offered me the job.
  8. I was asked to go into the manager’s office.

The best arrangement of the sentences to make a good paragraph is….

  • A. 1-2-4-6-5-3-7-8
  • B. 2-1-4-6-5-3-8-7
  • C. 2-3-1-4-5-6-8-7
  • D. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
  • E. 1-2-4-5-3-6-7-8

Jawaban: B

Pembahasan: Susunan yang paling tepat adalah 2-1-4-6-5-3-8-7.

38. …….

Jack : Rita, ….
Rita : Please to meet you, Eric.
Eric : Please to meet you, too.

  • A. Eric is my friend.
  • B. Eric wants to meet you.
  • C. Don’t you know Eric is my friend?
  • D. I’d like you to meet my friend Eric.
  • E. Please introduce yourself to Eric.

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: Jack memperkenalkan Rita kepada Don.

39. ……

Siska’s Mother : Clean your room, Siska!
Siska : Yes, mom.
Vinda : What did your mother tell you, Siska?
Siska : She told me….

  • A. clean my room
  • B. to clean my room
  • C. to clean your room
  • D. cleaned my room
  • E. clean your room

Jawaban: B

40. ……

Rendy’s mother : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
Rendy : She….

  • A. cooks
  • B. is cooking
  • C. has cooked
  • D. has been cooking
  • E. was cooking

Jawaban: E

41. …….

Ina : You look pale, Dita. Are you OK?
Dita : Suddenly I got a stomach ache.
Ina : I see. You should she the doctor. Come on I’ll accompany you.

The italicized sentence expresses….

  • A. disagreement
  • B. satisfaction
  • C. obligation
  • D. offering
  • E. advice

Jawaban: E

42. …..

A : Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel 5 at eight. She always makes me happy.
B : Sure, I will.

From the italicized sentence we know that the first speaker feels …. her daughter.

  • A. proud of
  • B. angry with
  • C. worried about
  • D. disappointed at
  • E. doubtful about

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Kalimat She always makes me happy merupakan pernyataan rasa bangga.

43. ……

A : Have you heard that Uncle Joe will come next weer?
B : Oh, really? When did he tell you?
A : Last week.

The italicized sentence is used to express….

  • A. happiness
  • B. pleasure
  • C. surprise
  • D. enjoyment
  • E. curiosity

Jawaban: C

44. …….

A : What a beautiful voice! She is a talented singer.
B : She…. since she was a child.

  • A. sang
  • B. sings
  • C. is singing
  • D. had been singing
  • E. has been singing

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Present perfect continuous tense.

45. …….

Mary introduced me to her former lecturer….
She married after she had graduated.

  • A. of whom
  • B. whose
  • C. of which
  • D. whom
  • E. who

Jawaban: D

46. …..

Febby : When will your sister finish her study?
Mirna : I hope she…. by July next year.

  • A. will have graduated
  • B. has graduated
  • C. will graduated
  • D. is going to graduated
  • E. intends to graduated

Jawaban: A

Pembahasan: Future perfect tense.

47. The manager always comes early to the office. I wonder where he lives. I often see him driving his car to Jalan Pakubuwono Kebayoran Baru. So he leaves not far from the office then.

What is the text about?

  • A. The manager’s car
  • B. The manager’s office
  • C. The manager’s house
  • D. The manager’s address
  • E. The manager’s driver

Jawaban: D

Pembahasan: Teks tersebut tentang alamat sang manager.

48. ……

Mr. Anwar : Are you pleased that your son wants to be a dentist?
Mr. Rahman : No, not really. I wish my son became a manager of my shoe store.

The italicized expression means that….

  • A. Mr. Rahman’s son is a manager
  • B. Mr. Rahman wants his son to be a manager
  • C. Mr. Rahman’s son is running a shoe store business
  • D. Mr. Rahman’s son was not a dentist
  • E. Mr. Rahman’s son was the manager of the shoe store

Jawaban: B

Pembahasan: Mr. Rahman menginginkan putranya menjadi manajer took sepatu miliknya.

49. …….

Ferdy : Why are you still here? Didn’t you tell me that you would go to Jakarta today?
Eric : I would have been In Jakarta if the bus had not got an accident.

The italicized utterance means….

  • A. Eric is in Jakarta
  • B. Eric went to Jakarta
  • C. the bus was safe
  • D. Ferdy want to Jakarta
  • E. the bus got an accident

Jawaban: E

Pembahasan: Bus tersebut mengalami kecelakaan.

50. …..

Student 1 : Dion is late again.
Student 2 : He is never on time. I think he …. earlier.

  • a. could have woken
  • B. ought to wake
  • C. should have woken
  • D. might have woken
  • E. would have woken

Jawaban: C

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