Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban

Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban cocok untuk kalian pelajari untuk mengadapi Ujian Sekolah (US), Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS), dan Penilaian Akhir Tahun (PAT).

Selain itu Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban bisa kalian gunakan untuk latihan soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS).

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Sebelum ke Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris dan Jawabannya, Admin akan berikan gambaran jumlah soal try out ini yang nantinya bisa kalian manfaatkan.

Soal try out kelas 9 2021 nanti tidak menutup kemungkin tidak jauh berbeda dengan soal yang Admin berikan sekarang, intinya kalian harus banyak-banyak mengerjakan soal latihan.

Berikut adalah Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban

Jumlah soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 ini berjumlah 50 Soal, dimana soal ini semuanya berisi Soal Pilihan Ganda (PG) Bahasa Inggris.

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Dari semua soal tersebut di lengkapi dengan Kunci Jawabannya, sehingga memudahkan Anda untuk mempelajari soal-soal Bahasa Inggris yang Admin berikan.

Soal Try Out UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP MTs

Soal ini cocok untuk siswa-siswi SMP dan MTs agar ketika sudah waktunya Ujian Sekolah, kalian sudah tidak asing lagi untuk mengahadapi soal-soal yang diberikan.

1. Do you have… vegetables in refrigerator?

  • A. Any
  • B. Some
  • C. Tomato
  • D. A

Jawaban: A

2. … she drink any milk?

  • A. Does
  • B. Do
  • C. Is
  • D. Are

Jawaban: A

3. ….Rita’s family have breakfast together?

  • A. Does
  • B. Do
  • C. Is
  • D. Are

Jawaban: A

4. …

B: What do we…… to make a strawberry juice?
C: We need some strawberries and blender

  • A. Have
  • B. Any
  • C. Some
  • D. Need

Jawaban: D

5. …

Robert : I think we only need an orange. Do we have it?
Johan : I am not sure. We still …it …in the refrigerator

  • A. Have –any
  • B. Has – some
  • C. Have – some
  • D. Need-some

Jawaban: C

6. Mr. Jack doesn’t drive his car…..he bumps a tree.

  • A. Careful
  • B. Be careful
  • C. Carefully
  • D. Sleepy

Jawaban: C

7. Ratih is a great dancer. She dances Bali dancing …

  • A. Carefully
  • B. Gracefully
  • C. Beautiful
  • D. Slowly

Jawaban: B

8. Mr. Hans is a fast driver, he drives his car…

  • A. Slow
  • B. Fast
  • C. Fastly
  • D. Slowly

Jawaban: C

9. All students do their test ….

  • A. Careful
  • B. Well
  • C. Good
  • D. Lazy

Jawaban: B

10. “Slow down!” it means…

  • A. We have to be careful
  • B. We need a sign
  • C. Go slowly
  • D. Go fast

Jawaban: C

Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban

Mango Meyer Lemon Margarita Mocktails Prep. times: 10 mins
Total times: 10 mins Yield: 4 servings


6 tablespoons fresh mango puree (see Note)
3 to 4 tablespoons simple syrup, more or less to taste (see Note) 2 tablespoons fresh mayer lemon juice
16 oz (500 ml)sparkling water
For surgaring the rims of the glasses:
1 meyer lemon wedge Coarse sugar

Ice cubes
Fresh sprigs of mint, for garnish


  1. whisk together the mango puree, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a large pitcher. Briefly stir it in the water, being careful not to over-stir and lose all the carbonation.
  2. to sugar the rims of the glasses, rub a lemon wedge along the rim of each glass and the dip it into coarse sugar.
  3. put a few ice cubes in each glass, pour in the drink, and garnish each with a mint sprig.
  4. serve immediately.


Fresh Mango Puree: to make this, peel, and cut a fresh mango (you will probably need 1 mango for this recipe), and then purce it until smooth in a blender or food processor. If you have leftover mango puree, use it as a topping for yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, pancakes, etc.

Simple syrup: this is just a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water that’s been heated to fully dissolve the sugar. To make enough for this recipe, add 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 tablespoons of water to a small saucepan; bring it to a boil, and then turn the heat down and simmer until the sugar is fully dissolved, about 30 seconds. Cool to room temperature before using.

Look at the procedure text above to answer number 11-13

11. The similar meaning of “garmish” in the text above is…

  • A. Variation
  • B. Decoration
  • C. Make up
  • D. Beautiful

Jawaban: B

12. How many steps are the in the text above!

  • A. One step
  • B. Three steps
  • C. Four steps
  • D. Five steps

Jawaban: C

13. What is the third step of the text?

  • A. Put a few ice cubes in each glass, pour in the drink, and garnisheach with mint sprig.
  • B. Serve immadiately
  • C. Whisk together the mango puree and simple syrup.
  • D. Rub a lemon wedge along the rim of each glass and then dip it into coarse water.

Jawaban: A

14. Long-how-you-take –the-course-?

  • A. How do you take the course long?
  • B. How you take the course long?
  • C. How long do you take the course?
  • D. The course take how long do you?

Jawaban: C

15. How – does – clean – water – body – our – ?

  • A. How does water clean our body?
  • B. Does water clean our body? how
  • C. Water clean our body does how?
  • D. Does how water clean our body?

Jawaban: A

16. Much – water – how – do – we – day – ? – need – each

  • A. How much water we do need each day?
  • B. How much water do we need each day?
  • C. Each day how much water do we need?
  • D. Do we need water how much each day?

Jawaban: B

17. What are the generic structure of procedure text?

  • A. Identification – description
  • B. Goal – materials – steps
  • C. Orientation – event – reorientation
  • D. General classification – description

Jawaban: B

18. …

Indah: Can the government give all the students scholarship?
Ratih : …

  • A. I am not sure
  • B. I think it’s easy
  • C. No doubt
  • D. I would like it

Jawaban: A

19. They …my teachers

  • A. Is
  • B. Am
  • C. Are
  • D. was


20. I don’t need …job I need some food.

  • A. Some
  • B. A lot of
  • C. Many
  • D. Any

Jawaban: D

Read the text to answer number 21-23

Snakes don’t see or hear as well as other animals. A snake has eyes but no eyelids. They have clear scales over their eyes. Most snakes can see movement, but some snakes are blind.

Snakes don’t have ears. They have bone in their heads that can sense low sounds and vibration. Snakes have a great sense smell. A snake flicks out its forked tongue to collect scents. It doesn’t mean the snake is hungry. The snake pulls its tongue in and sticks the forked tip into a place in the roof of its mouth called Jacobson’s organ. This way of smelling lets snake finds other snakes as well as prey (animals it hunts for food).

Pit viper, boas, and pythons have small pits on their heads that can sense heat. These pits help a snake sense when a warm-blooded animal is near.

21. What does the text tell about?

  • A. Snakes sense
  • B. Pythons
  • C. Boas
  • D. Pit vipers

Jawaban: A

22. What does a snake flick out its tongue for?

  • A. To clean its mouth
  • B. To show its hanger
  • C. To collect scents
  • D. To breath well

Jawaban: C

23. What do you say prey in Indonesian?

  • A. Mangsa
  • B. Menjilat
  • C. Rasa
  • D. Indera

Jawaban: A

24. How does a rabbit go?

  • A. It goes by crawl
  • B. It goes by fly
  • C. It goes by senak
  • D. It goes by hop

Jawaban: B

25. …

Benoe : Do you have any pets?
Bulo : ,I have some fish, colorful little fish.

  • A. No, I don’t
  • B. Yes, I do
  • C. No, she doesn’t
  • D. I am afraid I don’t

Jawaban: B 

26. ..

Ira: Mom, look at this cat! It’s cute. Mom: Whose cat is that?
Ira: it may

  • A. Julia’s
  • B. Her
  • C. My
  • D. Robert

Jawaban: A

27. Did you buy a bird yesterday?

  • A. Yes, I did
  • B. Yes, she did
  • C. No, he didn’t
  • D. No, I do not

Jawaban: A

28. What did you buy in the pet shop yesterday?

  • A. She buys a cat
  • B. He bought a rabbit
  • C. I bought a puppy
  • D. I buy a doggie

Jawaban: C

29. Animal which have warm blood and give milk for their babies is ….

  • A. Mammal
  • B. Bird
  • C. Insects
  • D. Reptile

Jawaban: A

30. Is Dalmatian a wild animal?

Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban

  • A. Yes, it is
  • B. No, it is not
  • C. Yes, they are
  • D. No, they aren’t

Jawaban: B

31. What is reptile?

  • A. It lives in the water lay eggs, cold blooded and can swim
  • B. It lays eggs, have wings, legged six, and can fly
  • C. It lays eggs, thick skin and cold blood
  • D. Live in the water, lay eggs, cold blood and can swim

Jawaban: C 

32. What animal which begin with “H”?

A.  Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban


C. Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban


Jawaban: A

33. …

Raiyya : I think a whale is fish
Nizar : I don’t think so. I think they are mammals Nizar expresses a ….

  • A. Agreement
  • B. Disagreement
  • C. Uncertainty
  • D. Leave taking

Jawaban: B

34. What do you think of this picture?

soal un bahasa inggris smp 2019 dan kunci jawaban

  • A. It is reptile
  • B. It is mammal
  • C. It is fish
  • D. It is insects

Jawaban: A

35. What about this one?

  • A. It is bird
  • B. It is mammal
  • C. It is fish
  • D. It is insects

Jawaban: D

Read the text to answer number 36-41


Durian is classified as Durio zibethinus. It is native to Southeast Asia. Durian is known as ‘King of Fruits’. It is not only the most expensive fruit but also the most controversial fruit. It is the only fruit which is banned from airline cabins, hotels and some public transports.

The durian tree is large and very tall. It can grow up to 25-50 meters and it has green elliptic leaves. A durian tree usually can bear fruit after four or five years. The durian fruit, which can hang from any branches, matures is about 3 months after pollination. The fruit can grow up to
30 cm long and 15 centimeters diameter. The husk is covered with sharp thorns. The color of the husk ranges from green or brown. The flesh is pale yellow. It is very soft but not juicy. When it is ripe, it taste sweet and smells very strong.

Durian contains a lot of sugar, vitamin C, and potassium. Durian is also good source of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Durian is usually eaten fresh. Sometimes it is also cooked to make “Dodol” or jam.

Durian used to be grown from seeds, but now it is propagated by grafting.


36. Does Durian have pungent smell?

  • A. Yes, it is.
  • B. Yes, it was.
  • C. Yes, it does
  • D. Yes, they are

Jawaban: C

37. Where does Durian usually grow?

  • A. America
  • B. Africa
  • C. Arabia
  • D. Asia

Jawaban: D

38. How tall can a Durian tree grow?

  • A. 20-30 m
  • B. 15 cm
  • C. 30 cm
  • D. 25-50 m

Jawaban: D

39. Does Durian tree have any branches?

  • A. Yes, it does
  • B. Yes, it is
  • C. Yes, it was
  • D. Yes, it did

Jawaban: A

40. What is the Durian like except

  • A. The flesh is pale yellow
  • B. It is very soft but not juicy
  • C. When it is ripe, it taste sweet and smells very strong
  • D. The thorn is poisonous

Jawaban: D

41. What kind of the text (genre) is this?

  • A. Recount
  • B. Narrative
  • C. Report
  • D. Descriptive

Jawaban: D

42. I know very little about the topic …. she teaches.

  • A. which
  • B. Who
  • C. Whose
  • D. Where

Jawaban: A

43. Mr. Atmo …house I was staying at is very kind

  • A. Whose
  • B. That
  • C. Where
  • D. Who

Jawaban: A

44. I returned the money……. I borrowed yesterday

  • A. That
  • B. Who
  • C. Whom
  • D. Whose

Jawaban: A

45. The actor …..I met yesterday was veryfamous in 1990

  • A. That
  • B. Who
  • C. Whom
  • D. Whose

Jawaban: B

46. I know the boy ….. bicycle was stolen last night.

  • A. That
  • B. Who
  • C. Whom
  • D. Whose

Jawaban: D

47. I come from the country ….. Malinkundang story from.

  • A. Where
  • B. Who
  • C. Whom
  • D. Whose

Jawaban: A

48. I met Victoria Adam …. husband is star footballer in MU

  • A. That
  • B. Who
  • C. Whom
  • D. Whose

Jawaban: D

49. I don’t know how the accident happened …

  • A. Clear
  • B. Clean
  • C. As clear as
  • D. Clearly

Jawaban: D

50. Mr. Joko bumped a gate because he didn’t Drive …

  • A. Careful
  • B. Carefully
  • C. As careful as
  • D. Be careful

Jawaban: B

Ujian SMP Bahasa Inggris

Maksud dari Ujian SMP Tahun 2021 adalah Ujian yang dilaksankan oleh Satuan Pendidikan masing-masing, di mana Ujian Nasional sudah di hapus dari Tahun 2019.

Tetapi bukan berarti siswa berlaha-leha tidak harus belajar, melainkan siswa tetap harus lulus Ujian Sekolah yang di selenggarakan oleh Sekolah.

Dan sekolah lah yang memutuskan anak tersebut lulus dan tidaknya. Jadi walaupun Ujian Nasional di tiadakan, tetapi tetap siswa harus lulus Ujian Sekolah.

Dengan demikian Admin di sini membagikan Soal Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dan Kunci Jawaban tahun-tahun sebelumnya untuk dipelajari secara mandiri.

Mudah-mudahan postingan ini bermanfaat untuk para siswa generasi muda Indonesia, dengan Kunci Jawaban yang disediakan kalian bisa membandingkan jawaban yang benar.

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